London Makeup School

There are a lot more makeup and beauty products that you should be using during the summer months than just sunscreen.

If you attend a makeup school in London, you will learn about all the best summer makeup products that you should be using. It is time that you tried a few of the most buzzed about products this summer and found out how to create a natural summer makeup look that is flawless and sun kissed.

Here are a few of the best summer makeup products that you will learn about in makeup school in London:


You do want to have a shine during the summer months, but you do want it to be minimal. the best way to create the perfect amount of shine on your face is to use the illuminator by Nars. this is a great makeup product for summer and the best part is that a little will go a long way. Now you can have a light catching highlight that really does glow in the sun. You can just apply this product to the top of your cheek bones and brow bones and also on the bridge of your nose for a natural looking shine that is really flattering.

Mac Lip Color

Having a great shade of lipstick is also a must during the summer months. You often want to have a natural makeup look that is complimented with just the right lip color. Some of the most popular lip shades this summer are deep pinks and peach. These are lip colors that are fun and flirty, but will also give your face the color that it needs to look really beautiful this summer. All you have to apply long wear MAC lip color to your lips and it should be able to last all day long for a perfect makeup look that stuns.

Spot Conceal

Sometimes concealing is all you need to do during the summer months. This means that sticking with just concealer can be a great way for you to create a light makeup look during the summer months. Revlon Photo ready concealer is a great product that you can use to get great coverage over dark circles and any spots that you are looking to conceal. It might even be a good idea to give a tinted moisturizer a try because it will give you light coverage that looks really natural.