London Makeup School

When it comes down to what makeup products to use, your skin tone is a major factor.

In London makeup school, you will learn early on how important your natural skin tone is when you are picking out the shade of lipstick that you should apply or the color of blush that you should blend out on your cheekbones. There are a few tips and tricks that you can follow if you have naturally pale or fair skin. you might think that pale skin isn’t flattering, but you can make it look flawless and beautiful if you use the right makeup products.


Here are a few London makeup school tips for fair skin that you can try out:


Less or More


When you are looking for just the right foundation to apply to your fair skin, you need to look for a foundation that matches your complexion perfectly. This might be one that has warmer undertones or another that has cooler undertones, but just choose one that works for your unique skin tone. If you want a little less coverage, you can look for a tinted moisturizer or if you want more coverage, you could opt for a cream foundation. it is also a good idea to use a pale powder to set your makeup look. A pressed powder is typically the better choice to a loose powder.


Pink Tones


When it comes to your lips, it is always a safe bet to stick with pink tones. This means that you should go with lipsticks that are in light pink colors like apricot, sandy pink and rosy pink. These shades will look the most flattering and will give you a pop of colour, but will not wash out your face. Try to stay away from brown lip colors because these shades will make your face look dull. If you have the choice, go with a pink of any shade.


Eye Color


With the eye color, you can have a little more fun if you have pale skin. The eye colours that are the most flattering are navy, grays and cool browns. You can even try applying soft pinks or pale or pale blue to your eyes if you want a really light and natural look. There are a ton of eye colour shades that can look great on you even if you have pale skin. Just make sure that you choose a colour that contrasts with your eye colour.