London Makeup Schools

Makeup really does have the ability to transform any face. No matter what flaws or blemishes you may have, it is possible to apply makeup that hides these blemishes and actually enhances your look. However, knowing the tips and tricks from real makeup pros is only possible if you attend London makeup courses. These makeup courses are designed for people of varying skill levels that are looking to learn new makeup application techniques. This means that you too can be a makeup pro in no time if you go to London makeup schools. This is the best way that you can increase your makeup knowledge.

Lip Scrub

If you want to have flawless lips, you can opt for a bold lip color. However, before you even begin applying lip color, you need to make sure that your lips have been prepped. The only way that your lips will look great is if you apply a lip scrub to your lips regularly. You can actually make a really affordable lip scrub on your own using brown sugar and coconut oil. This will remove the dead skin from your lips and also nourish your lips. You just can’t forget to prep your lips and care for your lips if you want to have a great lip look.

Set Your Primer

You can get a lot more wear and coverage out of your foundation if you use a primer as a base. However, a pro makeup tip that you should try involves applying a powder between your primer and foundation. Using a translucent powder to set your primer will give you a more flawless finish.You can apply only a small amount and it will not be cakey at all. You might that you should never apply a powder over liquid, but give this pro tip a try. It really does work and you will notice a big difference.

White Liner

If you are looking for an easy way to really make your eye makeup stand out, you might want to try investing in a white eye liner pencil. If you take white eye liner and apply it to your entire eye lid, you can then apply the eye color of choice over the white and it will stand out even more. This is just a really easy way for you to make sure that your eyes really stand out and that you have a dramatic eye look.