Makeup Academy London

Doing makeup correctly is all about having the right products and knowing the best application techniques. This means that if you are a professional makeup artist or just a newbie starting out that wants to perfect the blush or bronzer look, it is best that you enroll in a Makeup Academy in London. This type of academy is designed for people of all skill levels that want to learn makeup basics. You might think that applying blush is tricky or difficult to do in a flattering way, but this is not the case. You can learn how to apply blush perfectly at the makeup academy in London.


Here are a few of the best blush application techniques that you will learn about:


Analyzing the Skin


The trick to applying blush in the most flattering way is knowing how much blush needs to be applied. This means that the type of skin matters when you are determining if blush or bronzer is required. The job of a good blush is to add color to the skin, but if your skin tone already has a natural ruddy color, it might not be necessary for blush to be added. This means as a makeup artist, you need to be able to look at a person’s skin tone and determine if blush does need to be applied to enhance their look. For some people blush will leave their face looking too red.




There are different types of blush that you can apply to the cheekbones. The most popular options are cream, powder or gel. Even though cream blushes are a bit trendy right now, the traditional standby that you should opt for is a powder blush. Powder blushes are the easiest to apply no matter what skill level you may be and they are designed to be blended out well. The key to perfecting your blush look is making sure that you can blend out your blush and this is done best when using a powder blush. One of the best powder blush shades that you can by in store is Luminoso by the Milani makeup brand. This is a really hot blush shade out right now and it is the best shade for almost all skin tones no matter how light or dark you may be.


Now you can perfect the blush look with just a few simple tricks that you can learn from a makeup academy.